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The world of engineering, surveying and construction measurements, and machinery is changing. Today's engineers and surveyors not only need the most reliable equipment; they also need a partner in the field. PRISM S.C. Systems, Inc. is that partner and more. We are committed to offering you our outstanding technical, training, repair and calibration services with a new standard of excellence that meets your high business demands.


Our mission is to assist our clients with the highest level of support and quality products in all phases of their engineering, surveying, construction and renovation projects. Our reputation is built on our reliability, product knowledge and professional support -- all dedicated to providing you, the client, with excellent products and quality results. Most importantly, however, in securing our reputation is that in all our business practices we make total honesty the cornerstone of everything we do.


Our commitment to you as a client and part of Prism family is to provide the utmost attention to your needs along with our professional treatment. The firmness of this commitment to excellence is what sets us apart.